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April 19th, 2017 – Now That You’ve Got Them, How Do You Keep Them? 

Facilitators: Mena Gainpaulsingh & Toni van Eeden

You have done the work and built your audience, now what? How do you not only keep them engaged, but also get them more engaged? How do you get them to talk about your work and attract other people? This session will explore the concept of stewardship – how you continue to build your relationships with supporters and leverage these existing relationships to continue to grow your audience.


May 16th, 2017 – AFP Ottawa Fundraising Day 2017

Speaker: Mena Gainpaulsingh & Sarah McKinnon

Tomorrow Track – How To Fix a Leaking Fundraising Bucket
Is your fundraising bucket leaking?  Or do you just know that your fundraising program could, and should, be doing so much better? Or do you want to develop new funding streams in your organization so that your program is more diverse, sustainable and bringing in more money. Through this session, we talk about some of the ways through which you can carry out  your own fundraising “health check” so that you can put in place measures to tackle where your program might not be working well, as well as prioritize the development of new streams of funding in your organization.This will all be mindful of the resources at your disposal, your funding need and your timeline for achieving your goals.


To be confirmed – Volunteer Ottawa Executive Seminar Series: Engaging your Board in Fundraising
Speaker: Mena Gainpaulsingh

The Volunteer Ottawa Executive Seminar Series is designed exclusively for senior leaders of Ottawa-based non-profit organizations and charities. Come network with your peers and learn from thought leaders in the non-profit sector, what you need to know to keep your organization ahead of the curve in these changing times.

Good Board engagement in fundraising can make all the difference to the success of your fundraising program. Your board can and should provide additional capacity and resources to reach out to a broader community of donors, in helping to raise your profile with the right people and in increasing your organization’s credibility as a force for good in the community. But do they have the willingness, skills and tools to help them do this effectively? In this session we will identify the barriers to board engagement, and how they can be overcome so that your fundraising can thrive.

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