Our Services

Fundraising Health Check

Are you struggling to raise the money you need for your organization to thrive? Let us take a look and your program to find out where your fundraising bucket is leaking, or how you can make a bigger bucket!

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Fundraising Strategy Development

The key to great fundraising is having the right strategy in place. We can show you how to create a fundraising plan that suits your organization’s needs and goals.

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Fundraising Campaign Planning

Are you ready to run a major fundraising campaign? Whether you are looking to implement a capital campaign, or major new fundraising program for your revenue needs, we can help.

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Fundraising Training and Coaching

A team that is properly trained and skilled in fundraising techiniques and messaging can make all the difference between success and failure. Through our various training and mentorship programs for staff, Board and volunteers, we can equip your team with the right skills to support your fundraising goals.

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