Fundraising Health Check

Are some of your fundraising activities struggling to thrive?  Or do you just know that you could be doing so much better?  Or perhaps you need to raise more funds to achieve your program goals, but don’t know how to prioritize your resources.

Our Fundraising Health Check provides an objective assessment of your fundraising program and strategy as a whole.  Our health check includes:

  • Checking out your donor analytics, so that you know where your bucket is leaking, identify any upcoming pitfalls that you could be at risk of falling into and discover any opportunities for growth that you could be missing


  • Examining each of your funding streams to ensure that you are using the right strategies, in the right way, at the right time. Could you be prioritising your activities better to get better results?


  • Taking a look at your fundraising resources, and helping you to determine where you might need to invest to reduce any declines in funding or see improved growth.  Perhaps there are resources that you already have, from your Board of Directors to your volunteers, that you could be capitalizing on far better to increase capacity in your fundraising program.  


We will show you how to determine the true return on investment of all of your fundraising activities, and support you in making the changes necessary to achieve your organization’s overall vision and specific goals.

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